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In 2013, Jim and Cindy Presnell (after 23 great years of ministry in Wichita) and about 50 adults and children “planted” Rock Hill, out of a sense of call from God to build a healthy spiritual community in Lawrence oriented around following Christ that would recruit, equip and activate leaders for the mission of God. 

It has been a great journey – sometimes slow, sometimes overwhelming, but always filled with the goodness and care of God.  Today Rock Hill is a diverse group of people that gathers weekly for worship, fellowship and learning, and in neighborhood communities (called Common Life Communities and collegiate Life Groups) where we strive to live among and serve the people with whom we live, work and play.  

We would love to come alongside you as you journey with God. We hope you will find us to be a grace-filled people who desire to encourage you toward Christ rather than push you.  Ask any question you may have - and don’t be surprised if we respond with, “Good question – let’s work on that answer together!” We want to be a lifelong learning community. 

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Our mission

To help people know and follow Christ, living and leading in his likeness, to the ends of the earth.

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our vision

To be a community of disciples of Jesus Christ, learning to live in his way, truth and life and carrying out his redemptive work in our neighborhoods, campus, city, and world.

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our beliefs

Our beliefs are oriented around the teachings of the Bible and the life and example of Christ. Click here for a more robust description of many of our core beliefs