God Concealed; God Revealed, Luke 18:31-34 with Jim Presnell

Jim Presnell speaks to us from Luke 18:31-34 this week. We see that Jesus predicts his death and tells his disciples what will happen to him, but we also see that they have trouble grasping such an obvious statement. So we examine the reality of God's continual concealing of truth throughout history that causes us to look deeper and think harder to find the deeper reality of God, of Jesus Christ, and of our lives.For the announcements of the week, please check the Calendar. We’d also love to have you join one of the “Common Life Communities” in which most of us will gather this week in smaller groups of friends and family to discuss further meanings and applications of the teaching and how we live it out in our society and weekly life.Remember, you can listen to the high-quality audio recording or view the live-stream but lower quality video recording if you prefer.https://youtu.be/40i52ZmPUZc