Reflection: Growing in Our Faith

growing in faithOn Sunday Dave spoke to us about growing in our faith, an integral part of being a Christ follower that helps us to live in better community with each other and with God.I loved how Dave spoke of growth as an ongoing commitment or investment, because investment doesn't happen by accident.It seems that the most important things in life must be invested in to grow- we can't just sit back and hope they happen because they won't.

  • If I don't deposit money in my bank account and only withdraw money, the amount will deplete, not grow.
  • If I only tell my boyfriend I love him once a month, rarely talk to him and only go to see him once a week we probably won't have a very good relationship and our love certainly won't grow.
  • If I have a plant in my house and I never water it or give it sunlight, it will wither, not grow.

Like all these things, love, community and faith must be cultivated and invested in to yield the kind of fruit we desire.Though we receive Christ only one time, we must continually grow in our relationship with Him, not out of obligation but because knowing Him changes us.

Here are 6 things that happen when you grow in your faith:

  • You enjoy getting up in the morning!
    • When you are growing in your faith you live in expectation of God showing up. And He does!
  • You enjoy a clear conscience.
    • Throwing off your shame and burdens because He cares for you and covers you with grace and forgiveness.
  • You can see what's next because God gives you direction.
  • You have security in God's plan no matter what the future may hold.
  • You see genuine change in your life
    • We become the people God wants us to be!
  • You have a sense of mission because you're called to a greater purpose
    • You're not meant to just survive, but thrive!
    • We become matchmakers with God for the people who need to know Him.

Growing in faith is the daily relationship we get to pursue with God as Christians.Will you go all-in with God? Join me today in asking Him how He wants to grow your faith, you might just be surprised what you'll find out!In truth,Nicole