Our First "Common Life Sunday"

We did things a little differently this Sunday by trying out a new approach we expect to make a regular part of our monthly rhythms of gathering. We heard from multiple church community members on what God has been doing in their lives, what they've been learning from the teachings from the gospel book of Luke, and more.We're calling this Sunday of hearing from each other, "Common Life Sunday" and will plan to do more of these on a regular basis. If you'd like to share your thoughts and learnings from the last few months, please do so in the comments below!For the announcements of the week, please check Announcements page as well as the Calendar. We’d also love to have you join one of the “Common Life Communities” in which most of us will gather this week in smaller groups of friends and family to discuss further meanings and applications of the teaching and how we live it out in our weekly life.Also, here is the live-stream recording of the service if you prefer:https://youtu.be/1Lg0Wfi5IXM