Seeking, Knowing, Showing, His Kingdom, Our Treasure, Luke 12:22-34, with Riley and Dave

For our teaching this week, Riley picks up where he left off last week and speaks on what it means to seek God's kingdom instead of our own, to lay up treasures towards God, and what it really means to be a secure steward (with emphasis on the secure part) of the great inheritance we have in Christ. Dave Clauson finishes our time with an in-family convo of how this topic of faith, care, and generosity applies to us as Rock Hill Church family. We examine the teachings of Jesus in the gospel of Luke from Luke 12:22-34.For the announcements of the week, please check Announcements page as well as the Calendar. We'd also love to have you join one of the "Common Life Communities" in which most of us will gather this week in smaller groups of friends and family to discuss further meanings and applications of the teaching and how we live it out in our weekly life.Here is the live-stream recording if you prefer as well: