Fall Forecast 2016 — Community Developments And Looking Ahead!

This week's message was quite different from normal. We heard from pastor Jim along with many different team leaders from across our community and discussed what the fall will look like for us moving forward and maturing as one body with many parts.As you watch or listen, look for these highlights:

  1. Some new ways in which we pray together.
  2. Hear about our kids ministry. It is growing and they are too!
  3. The Connections Team is maturing into Hospitality and a Pathways teams. There is a place for you to help us welcome and connect people.
  4. Check out the awesome new t-shirt – coming this Sunday! You can order one online today and pick it up Sunday. It’s right there on our website home page (for now).
  5. More ways to serve on Sundays.
  6. New ways to welcome, connect and equip students!
  7. CLC’s – where Prayer, Gathering and Scattering meet
  8. A great training opportunity with the County called CERT
  9. Fall-Day-All-Day (say it fast!) Oct 29 (with a campout Oct 28)
  10. Rock Hill R.E.D. and some beginning training opportunities this fall
  11. CIC’s = Common Interest Communities, ways to share life with friends.

Does it feel like a lot? It’s really not so much, once you spread it out over the semester. Our goal of Fall Forecast is to do a good job communicating to what is ahead. And, we hope you hear the vision and intention behind the plans.As we envision and make plans, we remind ourselves that plans are only plans. God is the true director of our steps. We make our plans, we measure our steps, but in the end, we trust God to direct us....For the announcements of the week, please check the Announcements page as well as the Calendar. We’d also love to have you join one of the “Common Life Communities” in which most of us will gather this week in smaller groups of friends and family to discuss further meanings and applications of the teaching and how we live it out in our weekly life.Also, here is the live-stream recording for the week. Listen to the audio here as well, or even subscribe on iTunes so you never miss a message! https://youtu.be/f_6Atdx5Iaw